Women’s Golf Group Update

This is my first article as your Past President of the Women’s Golf Group (WGG) so how is it I’m also your current President? I’m guessing ladies have different opinions on this topic but I’m going with it’s your confidence based on the past year so thank you. If you try to convince me it’s something else it will only fall on deaf ears.

I certainly didn’t think the first item I would write about is saying goodbye to Jay Norman, our DCC head golf professional. I have so many fond memories of Jay as my family has been a member for 25 years and Jay was here for many of those years. Jay taught my two children to play golf, in fact better than their parents as they both played varsity golf in High School, just one testament to his skills. I remember junior golf with the kids and of course the dreaded “birdie bucks” as they would fill up on candy and trinkets. Jay watched the kids grow into adults (and us just stay the same) and always seemed interested in what they were doing. Jay did so much for the WGG, many lessons to get us golf ready, golf 101 for all the ladies who are just learning the game, officiate our tournaments, answering our endless stream of questions, the list goes on and on but most importantly, he is a friend to many. Jay, thank you for all the years spent at Dellwood and you will be missed. Wishing you and your family well in what life has in store for your future and hoping your path crosses with many of us.

Fall golf is wonderful and the past month has been exceptional. Hopefully most of you enjoyed the fall colors on the course as the weather certainly enticed us to be playing. The ladies have one more event planned which is our second annual Glow Ball Event on October 30th. As you read this article, we’ve most likely already played in the dark in your Halloween costumes (which I’m sure were great and better than last year), jack o’lantern tee box markers (thank you ladies for your artistic carving abilities), light up glowing golf balls, flashlights and glow sticks to light the way!

There is a change to our first meeting to begin planning next year’s golf activities. The first meeting will be Tuesday, November 11th at 6:30 PM in the Grill. All ladies are welcome to attend so I hope to see many of you. Your input is invaluable.

Sue Ryan
WGG President