Women’s Golf

The WGG kicked off the month with our annual rules clinic. The opener for our 18 Hole Thursday League was postponed due to rain. Four our 9 Hole League Opener, we had a cool dry evening and 9 ladies participated. Please remember, you may jump in and join these leagues at any point in the season. Whenever you are available on Tuesday evening or Thursday morning, please feel welcome to sign up. We encourage you to join the Women’s Golf Group, however you do not need to be a member of WGG to play. If you can only come out once in a while, you may “pay-as-you-play”. There is a fee of $10.00, this is to cover the cost of the prizes.

I want to clarify a couple of questions that have come up in reference to the Dellwood Cup. This is a Pro Shop managed event for the WGG. Points are tallied throughout the year and are earned when WGG members play in any of the weekly play (9 & 18 Hole), special events and tournaments. If an event or weekly play round is canceled due to weather no points are earned; even if you show up to play the round. Points will only be earned for rounds played.

Check the calendar and sign up on ForeTees for the upcoming weekly play and May events. Dellwood will host the first Traveling Team event May 20th. We still need players and alternates for our team. This is a monthly event played between Dellwood, Midland Hills, North Oaks and Town & Country. Contact Maggie Batten for more information.

The Club Challenge will be held May 26th at Dellwood. This is an annual tournament between Dellwood, White Bear Yacht Club and North Oaks Country Club. There are spots for A,B and C handicap players. Contact Paula Chesley for more information.

City League begins May 13th at Woodhill Country Club, then Bearpath May 20th and Town & Country on May 27th. Please contact Kathleen Callahan if you are interested in playing. Last year was our first year to participate in the league. It is a wonderful group of ladies and a great way to play different courses around the Twin Cities.

We have so many opportunities for our Women Golfers. Please don’t be shy about signing up! There is a place for you regardless of skill level and this is a very welcoming group!