2017 events schedule

We have a full schedule of events in 2017 and all are posted on ForeTees. Sign up is available and dates are shown so you can get them on your calendar.


As we get closer to the start of the golf season there will be a weekly email sent out with the formats we will be using for each week’s Tuesday and Thursday games (and include results from the       previous week).


The Tuesday evening nine-hole game is less formal and intended to be a fun, social game for both beginning and experienced golfers. The entry fee to play in the game will be $5 and payouts will go to more players. The Thursday morning eighteen-hole games will be more traditional and  competitive. The entry fee will also be $5 for Thursday games. There are four women’s guest days on the event schedule.


Every Saturday the Golf Shop also hosts a game for the day. The entry fee is $10 for the        Saturday game and both men and women are welcome to compete. All payouts are in Shop credit.


The Women’s 101 beginner golf clinics will be held Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm. 101 clinics are       intended to introduce beginner golfers to the game and will focus on fun first….and then the    basic fundamentals of golf. Those attending the 101 clinics are encouraged to join the nine-hole golfers in the Bar after playing!


This is a good time to think about keeping your game in shape by using the golf simulator over the    winter. You can use the driving range mode for free Monday to Friday from 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm. If you have never used it before just call the office and we can get you set up! Times can be    reserved on ForeTees.