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Now that we have reached the final days of the Women’s Golf Group 2013 season, I would like to thank all 56 of our  members. You have been   enthusiastic participants in our events and made this a very successful summer!

Thank you, Sandy Martin, for chairing Match Play this year. Also, for promoting the Doubles Match Play format.  It was very popular and will be a  certain addition to next year’s events. Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Match Play events.

Although the Women’s Mercedes Championship,September 17th was not an official Women’s Golf Group event, it is worth mentioning because there were 94 women participants who were members of clubs from all over the east Metro area, including thirty from DCC. They played in the first Woman’s Mercedes Championship event at Dellwood. The event was sponsored by Maplewood Mercedes. Dellwood member, Doug Mulder, General Manager of Maplewood Mercedes, hosted the event.  The cause was to raise money for the research and treatment of breast cancer at the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. The first prize, an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, went to the team of Lynda Holzemer of Hastings and Laura Miler of Breckett’s Crossing with their net best ball score of 65.  It was a great day of golf played for a very good cause and everyone should consider playing in it next year.

The Tournament of Champions, chaired by Paula Chesley, was held this year at the Wayzata Country Club on Thursday September 26th. The eight qualifiers from Dellwood said the course looked beautiful, but, unfortunately, it was rained out.  However, the Mini Guest Days that she chaired were all dry and hugely successful. Thank you, Paula.

This would be a good time to acknowledge some of the 2013 Committee members whose efforts may have gone unsung in my articles.

MWGA Membership Chair, Patti Brekke, has made sincere efforts to recruit new participants in this statewide program.  Please give a hand to her efforts and sign up next year too.

Dori Martinez has been Pro Shop Liaison this year and she has served us well.

We have enjoyed a wide selection of fun games in weekly play due to the efforts of Kitty Considine and Nancy Smith.

MWGA Foundation Chairman, Wendy Benson, is retiring this year from her position as a member of the MWGA Board.  She has represented Dellwood well, and we thank her for her service.

The quality of the Dellwood Women’s Group experience would lack without someone to do the Birdies, Trophies and Awards.  Thank you, Roxy Nelson, Karen Sullivan, and Louisa Greenwald for your service.

Thank you Reggie Groves, Barb Klein, Sandy Martin, and Mary Knowlin for your work on the Fall Closer and Annual Meeting.

The Executive Committee, whose terms are now ending, has done an outstanding job! Karen Krebsbach has been fantastic as Treasurer, thank you.  Mickey Gahlon, Secretary, has been conscientious and accurate throughout her term, a remarkable service to our group.  Sue Ryan has served as our President-Elect. She already has some ideas for next year and she is still recruiting for a few open slots on her Board. Please say “yes” when she calls. We look forward to her term and thank her for taking on this commitment.

Our President, Judy Kishel, has shared with us her extensive knowledge of board management and her talent for organization. This year we needed a new name, new Bylaws, and a new line of communication with the new Dellwood Country Club office.  Judy was there to make it happen. Due to her hard work and skills in leadership, her term of office has been very productive. We are truly fortunate to have her in our group. Thank you, Judy.

Congratulations to the 2014 Officers of the Dellwood Women’s Golf Group who will be installed this week. Thanks for accepting these positions. With these competent women, the next season will be a success.

Sue Ryan                                     President

Karen Krebsbach                       President Elect

Secretary                                    Dori Martinez

Treasurer                                    Maggie Batten

This is my last contribution to the Dialogue. I would like to thank Jay Norman and his Assistant Pros Mark and Nick, for their help and patience when I made last minute calls for tournament results. Also, I need to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Alicia Donicht, DCC Membership Director. She was always cheerful and encouraging, despite my wavering confidence. Also, thanks to Judy Kishel for her editing, reviews and  suggestions.  I am happy to have had the opportunity to make a small contribution to the Women’s Golf Group of Dellwood Country Club, a truly remarkable group of women. Thank you!

Carol Schulte

Publicity Chair