Tennis News

Things are full go with the tennis season. We should soon have our rebound wall on the fence as they were here yesterday working on that along with the court divider net between courts 2 and 3. For those of you that have been out on the courts, there has been a lot going on down there and I appreciate all of your patience in dealing with the commotion.

Our Margarita Mixer was a big success. Thanks to the VanGuilder’s, Ecker’s, Schneeweis’, Amy Lorentz, and Albers’ for participating. Our next event is the WBYC vs Dellwood Women’s match. That is on July 31st at WBYC starting at 6pm. Please let Justen know if you are interested in signing up or want more information.

Here is this month’s tennis tip!

The topspin lob is great against players that crowd the net. If you use a semi-Western grip, you can snap your wrist and really get underneath the ball. It’s important to aim high and hit with a lot of racquet speed so the ball spins down into the court for a winner.
Here are three main pointers to help you with a topspin lob:

Get your racquet back early.
Lean your weight onto your back foot.
Whip the head of your racquet and accelerate so the ball falls back into the court.

Justen Seim
Head Tennis Pro
C: 651-269-7802