Tip of the Month

The Christmas Wish List!

Here are a few items that should be on every golfer’s wish list. All are simple, effective, not very expensive…. and guaranteed to bring a smile.

1. Rangefinders.  If you don’t have one, you need one. Rangefinders have come a long way in the last few years… especially in variety and price. Here are the basics: Laser rangefinders measure the distance to the pin (or other object) by bouncing a laser from the target back to the rangefinder. The advantage is you get the exact yardage to the pin. Check out the V3 by Bushnell or the SWITCH by Laserlinks for great in laser  rangefinders. The other technology is via satellite…the distance is configured by satellite imagery. The advantage of this is you constantly have correct yardage wherever you may wander on the course…no need to point and shoot at a target. Popular satellite types are the Neo by Bushnell and Garmin Golf watches. Price: $150.- $400.

2. Swing Trainers. We all know golfers should swing in the off- season to keep their muscles strong and      flexible. The Orange Whip Trainer (www.orangewhiptrainer.com) and swing trainers by Momentus ( www.momentusgolf.com) are excellent and PGA Tour proven. Just make sure you have room to swing!   Price: $69.- $109.

3. Putting. There are a myriad of putting devices and gadgets out there, and each has its reason for being… however I think simple is best. A metal contractor’s rule fits the bill nicely. Just set the metal ruler on the ground, place a golf ball in the hole on top of the ruler, then stroke the ball down the length of the ruler…without falling off the sides. It takes up no space and you can practice on any floor surface. Try to get one at least 36 inches long…they are about $10 at Home Depot.

Golf Lessons at the Dome – The Golf Professional staff is available for golf lessons throughout the winter months at the Goodrich Golf Dome. Lessons are by appointment and may be arranged by calling the Golf Shop at 651.426.4733. Group lessons are also available; if you have a group of friends who wish to schedule group lessons, or if you are interested in joining a group, just let us know.

Remove your clubs by December 14th

Just a reminder that all clubs (bags, umbrellas, extra clubs, etc.) in our bag storage should be removed by     December 14th.

Gift Ideas

Titleist and Pinnacle Golf Ball Promotion – There is still time to take advantage of free personalization for        Holiday Purchases of all Titleist and Pinnacle golf balls. Personalization may be up to three lines of print (17 characters per line) in black, blue, red, or green ink. To receive balls before Christmas, place your orders before December 10th. 

Gift Certificates – for the golfers on your list. We have gift certificates available for golf lessons in any amount.

UPS – Need to ship packages, but dread standing in line? Just bring your boxes to the Golf Shop and we will take care of shipping via UPS. You may pay by check, or charge to your member account. It’s that easy.