October Dialogue

Welcome to October, everybody. Golf season isn’t over yet! At Dellwood we have the pleasure of enjoying plenty of beautiful fall days. This month is perfect sweater golf weather, and provides ideal temperatures to walk 18 holes with friends while enjoying a crisp autumn afternoon with friends.

It’s Dan again, and I want to welcome back Clayton after paternity leave. He and Christina are incredibly happy to have Rory in their lives. We are all confident that Rory will grow up in a loving home with two great parents.

As many of you already know, my wife went through a battle with PMBCL last year, which is a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The chemotherapy treatment required six rounds of in-patient chemotherapy. The treatment was ultimately a success, with us receiving the news of complete remission last December. I want to thank everybody at the club for their support throughout the process. The gratitude my wife and I have for all of you cannot be fully expressed in words.

I also want to mention a charity that hits close to my heart – Holes Fore Hope. As you can probably imagine, chemotherapy is an expensive treatment. Along with help from plenty of you and others, Holes Fore Hope gave my wife and I a $1000 check to help cover medical expenses. Holes Fore Hope is a Minnesota-based charity that helps employees of local country clubs who are in need. They give scholarships to college-aged employees, as well as those like myself who find themselves with larger financial needs. Clayton and I were lucky enough to play in a Holes Fore Hope charity scramble this month, and I am proud to say that the charity helped my family immensely.

Thank you for letting me talk about a cause close to my heart. On a lighter note, we all hope to see everybody enjoying golf this next month and want to thank everybody for what has been a fantastic season so far. Hit ‘em straight (and yell “fore” if you don’t).