November Dialogue- Golf Instruction

Golf is a Year Round sport!  Yes, Even in Minnesota.


Soon, if not already, you can put closure to your Minnesota outdoor golf season.  This does not mean you can’t enjoy the game until April (or May).  There are many ways to enjoy this great game even when we’re not playing Dellwood CC.  I definitely use the winter months to revitalize my passion for the game and by April I am exploding with excitement for the season ahead!

Here’s how:

Equipment– I always end up tinkering with different equipment throughout the winter so I’m prepared when the time comes (it’s so much fun too).  Regripping, fitting, bending, customizing, accessorizing…many ways to tinker.  Doesn’t have to be new, just new to you.  Refresh your game!

Golf on TV– Great golf on TV year round now.  Use to be November & December were pretty stale for watching golf but Tiger is now in the mix on the world stage and the President’s Cup is in December.  Try not to become addicted to the Golf Channel, your brain can only take so much.  Fantasy Golf can be fun for some too.

Hit Real Golf Shots– Use your resources to swing the club and keep your golf muscles loose.  No excuses these days with all the indoor/outdoor resources we have like simulator’s, hitting dome’s, short game facilities, launch monitors, TopGolf…etc.

Lessons– Great time to change something in your game because you have the time to teach your muscles something different (I know a great teacher and where you can get some of these lessons!).  Again, just use the resources we already have.  Exercising and stretching go right along with improving your game too.

Take a Trip– If you are able to get away south of here, bring the clubs with!   Even if it’s driving to Missouri or Iowa in Feb, March, or April.  More than the trip itself, it is something to look forward to & give you a reason for all of the above.  DCC golf members are all members of Club Corp also, so wherever you may be traveling, look into using Club Corp courses.

Just Talk Golf– We are available in the golf shop year round.  If you need to take care of your golf fix, just come talk to us, the doors is always open.


Winter lessons & packages now available

They make great Christmas Gifts, or purchase a Gift Certificate!

(DCC Simulator, Goodrich Golf Dome, or Element Golf short game area)

  1. $60/Lesson
  2. $150/Package of 3 Lessons
  3. $500/All Winter Package


Chris Peterson, PGA

Teaching Professional