May Dialogue

We’re back playing golf!  As many of you already know, we were able to open the course on April 18th following Gov. Walz’s announcement.  Dellwood has been a very busy place since then, averaging over 175 players per day on the weekends.  It makes us happy to see all of you enjoying our great golf course.  Golf is a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors during this time.


For those who don’t already know, we have put in a couple of extra precautionary measures to ensure everyone is staying safe:

  • Pool noodles have been put in every hole so the ball does not fall entirely. This way people can grab their golf balls without touching the cup liner. 
  • Players must leave the flagstick in so we can avoid hundreds of people touching the same pin.
  • There are no rakes in bunkers. We will be playing winter rules in bunkers until further notice, so if you are in a footprint you will be able to move it out.
  • Carts are single rider only until further notice, unless the two people riding in the cart live together.
  • Carts and push carts are being sanitized after each use.
  • To ensure that our members and staff stay safe, outside golf staff will not be handling member golf bags or clubs until further notice. We are working on getting multiple club washing stations set up for members to use, and bag storage in the cart barn is open for self-service.
  • If it rains, or we get bad weather, all golfers should go to their vehicles, as the clubhouse is closed and players cannot enter the building.


Thanks to Eric and his crew for once again getting our golf course into wonderful spring condition!  Please do your part to keep it that way by making sure you fix all of your ball marks and smoothing over your footprints in bunkers.

Finally, congratulations to Billy LeBlanc for a hole-in-one!  He hit a driver from 226 yards on hole #16.