Improve your putting!

Two tools under $30 to improve your putting


Many people want to improve their putting with an aid but don’t know where to begin.

Below are two tools I have used to improve my game and think others can use as well.

Each tool was put on this list with the budget golfer in mind and stay below the $30 mark.


Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror $26.50

Over the last 5 years, there have been a lot of putting aids on the market trying to achieve the same goal, to help golfers start their putts on the intended line, and help players improve their stroke consistency. One of the top aids on the market and used by many PGA Tour Players and LPGA Tour players.

The EyeLine Putting Mirror is a tool that you put flat on the ground and point it at the intended putting line. Once it is pointed at the intended line, you can plant it firmly with tees so that it doesn’t move and even make a putter gate to provide stroke feedback. Once you set up you notice where your eyes sit compared to the tool. Using the mirror, you get direct feedback on the setup so you can improve your setup consistency.

This aid does provide the basic putting feedback needed for improvement at a reasonable price.



iPing Putting App – Free App

The iPing putting app was something that slid under the radar for me for a couple of years. For those who don’t know, the iPing Putting App was an app developed by ping to help you understand your putting stroke and optimal putter fit. The app was designed to go with a cradle that would allow it stick on the shaft.

Once the phone is attached to the putter shaft, the app is able to measure your important metrics including your closing angle (arc), your impact angle, stroke tempo, lie angle, and shaft lean. Using these metrics, you can get a rough putter fit and practice your putting consistency.