Golf is Not a Game of Perfect!

For some reason as golfer’s we tend to think we have to be perfect on every shot or we are as good as our best shot. If we don’t play to this potential on every hole or even every shot, we are letting ourselves down. Golf is actually a game of misses, and to take that statement a little further is how we deal with those misses.


I personally am one to mentally hold on to my misses way too long and that really effects how I play my future shots in a negative way. Since I don’t play as much golf as I used to (when I was single and had no kids) I tend to have bigger misses. I am slowly but surely excepting this and in reality, me excepting these mistakes as a whole helps relax me for my future shots. And even in the bigger & more important picture, helps me enjoy the game more in the moment.


I don’t want to say lower your expectations because you should have specific expectations on every shot. What I am saying is that everyone that plays golf is going to fall short of their own expectations on the MAJORITY of their shots so accept it and move on. Ben Hogan was quoted as saying one time that he might only hit 2 shots in a round of 18 holes that were exactly like he visualized them. If he looked at himself as a failure for all those other shots in his round he would have quit the game early.  So enjoy the game, accept the bad with the good!


Golf is hard!  But that’s what keeps us coming back.


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Chris Peterson, PGA

Director of Instruction