Golf Instruction- June- Wedge Ideas

Father’s Day Wedge Game!!!

Two gift ideas for Father’s day:

(1) Buy any wedge from the DCC Golf Shop and get a free wedge clinic on how to use it. (value=Priceless)

(2) Purchase a wedge clinic for $25 on how to use the wedge(s) you have.

(also Priceless)


2 open Wedge clinic dates:

Saturday June 23rd 12:00-1:30 or Thursday June 27th 6-7:30

*If you are unable to attend one of these dates you can sign up with Chris for a 20 minute private consult.  Sign up on Foretees or contact Chris.


I’ve always said through my years of teaching and it still stands true-

“If you know how to properly hit a chip shot or a pitch shot, you know how to properly strike a golf ball.”

Chris Peterson, PGA Teaching Professional, Dellwood Country Club.


What I’ve been learning more recently in the past few years is how to properly use the bounce on a wedge.  There are many different ways to use the bounce (or lack of) on a wedge which vary depending mainly on the lie or the surface the ball is on (fairway, rough, sand…).  You may have noticed on wedges today there are many, many different choices not only in loft but in bounce angle and sole width.  This can be overwhelming and confusing, so come join me in a chipping clinic or come talk to us in the Proshop.