3 Simple Reasons to Avoid Trouble off the Tee

 3 Simple Reasons to Avoid Trouble off the Tee


One of the hardest things for average golfers to do is avoid trouble off the tee. In fact, if they could eliminate these penalty shots, they may no longer be average golfers in the first place! Usually golf course designers place trouble that you must avoid on one side or the other, but provides you ample room to “miss it” on the other side. Think 18 at Doral, or 18 at The Players; both have water all down the left side that begs you to challenge it in order to get the shorter shot into the green, but you do have room to bail out if needed.

Rule #1

Tee the ball up on the side of the tee with the trouble and aim away from it.

Great example would be on #1. Tee off on the right side of the tee box and aim away from the pond on the right. This will help take the angle away from the water.

Rule #2

Pick a spot in front of the ball so you begin the ball on the correct line

This simple spot-aiming technique gives you a great way to visualize the line you want to take when you are aiming cross-line or away from the natural angles of the tee box. It will help with correctly lining your club face to your intended target. Great pre shot routine for all of your clubs.

Rule #3

Make your LAST look before you take it back where you want the ball to go, NOT where you don’t want it to go!

The last look is very important as it programs your body as to what you want the ball to do, and it’s just as impactful as the visualization players do from behind the ball beforehand. Your last look can either program you mind and body with positive information, or you can give yourself negative thoughts to fight while in the early stages of your backswing.

I have always preferred to focus on the positive rather than the negative while aiming. I might not pull it off every time, but at least I have done all I can to promote a good swing. They say the mind can talk you out of a good shot if you let it, but this is the best way I have found to make sure that does not happen to you!

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