Welcome to your new Dellwood Country Club Website! This has been a long time in the making, and we are very excited about launching our new site. This is just the beginning- this site will be constantly evolving as we will be adding and updating throughout the year. Look forward to the many conveniences you have been asking for, like: being able to look up your own food and beverage minimums, viewing and paying your statements online, ordering food, making reservations and much more! We expect these features to be functional in the next couple months so watch for updates!

Please take the time to play around with your dashboard. Here are a few things you should familiarize yourself with:

Golf Members: you are now able to schedule a tee time without logging in to ForeTees separately! For all golf members, there is a green bar under your name to the left that you can click that will take you right into ForeTees.

Under your name is an option to “Edit Profile.” Please feel free to add or update any of your information whenever you would like.

Check out the “Events Calendar” option to the left. This will be your one stop to all events throughout the Club. Please be aware that by clicking any topic in the Category Key on top of the Calendar will make those areas visible or not. This allows you to choose which events and categories you would like to see or not see.

Also, The side bar contains our grill menu, wine menu and roster to view at anytime by just clicking them.

We will be updating our widgets daily, so please use your dashboard to receive any and all updates on Pool, Dining, Golf and Tennis. if you click and hold any of the “widgets” on your dashboard, you will see you can move them around and place them in any order you would like.

If you are having any troubles or have any questions, please call or email Alicia at Alicia@DellwoodCountryClub.Com. She would be happy to help!

Happy Browsing,

Dennis Countryman
General Manager