Message from your Club President – Walter Jungbauer

Thanks for Another Great Year!

This month marks the end of my term on the Advisory Committee and its predecessor Board of Directors for Dellwood Hills Golf Club. The past year has seen the most prolific changes to the club in a generation, and perhaps in the Club’s 44-year history. While I’d like to take credit for the improvements of the last year, I obviously had nothing to do with them!

When I was elected to the DHGC Board of Directors, the Club was in a different position not too far removed from the worst recession in the history of the country. The Board spent most of its time looking for ways to deploy the Club’s scarce resources to seemingly endless projects, each warranting attention but few being funded due to economic conditions. The Board entertained an unsolicited offer from Tim Lawin to buy the Club and infuse some much-needed resources to return the luster to this very special Club. To this end I’d like to thank my fellow Board members who had the courage to support the sale and a complete change in the governance of the Club. Without this change I’m sure we wouldn’t be in the healthy position we’re in today in terms of membership and facilities.

I’d also like to thank Tim for exceeding the contracted requirements of the transaction. At a spirited Town Hall meeting prior to the sale, some members were cautioning the Board about selling and what Tim’s intentions were. From the changes of the past year, it’s obvious that his intentions were and remain to make Dellwood Country Club a family club that provides great value and exceptional service with leading facilities. Tim validated the Board and the Membership decision to sell the Club and create a new experience, all without any assessments to the membership.

For the last time, I’d like to thank the management & staff of the Club along with the members of the Advisory Committee. The transitions of the past two years have made the Club a much better facility, but that comes with intermittent interruption to the service and offerings of the Club. The club management, led by Dennis Countryman, has led the way to make sure the staff continues to provide exceptional services on the course and in the clubhouse. Our Advisory Committee challenges the Club to continue to raise the bar at DCC and I appreciate the spirit that constructive criticism is received by Club management. The goal is to make Dellwood one of the best clubs in town.

And finally, I’d like to thank all the members who helped me in my role on the Committee/Board. Our members are the customer at DCC and their input is critical to our success. My contributions were influenced by many members who freely offered their suggestions, including my wife, Amy, Bill Perpich, Doug Mulder, Ted Burchell, Mike Esch, Frank Pazlar, Judy Kishel, Bob Sawyer, Bill Putney, and Mike Lehman. The men and women who served on the Board and various committees over the years and dedicated many hours to the Club created the place we enjoy. Phil Foley got it all started, but over the years people like Rosanne Pera, Kevin Hines, Mark Richman, Kevin Cushing and Marsh Nowlin led the Club in good times and bad and helped get us where we are today. These folks volunteered their time to make our Club better. The world of country clubs is a funny place and it takes dedicated people to make it work well. Here’s hoping we continue to raise the bar at Dellwood!

Wishing you all Season’s Greetings, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.