Letter From Our Club President – Walter Jungbauer

Here Comes Spring (maybe)!
Have you seen the enormous pile of dirt next to the turnaround at Dellwood Country Club? That’s a lot of dirt!

Construction of our new pool is underway and as a result, there’s a massive pile of dirt that will be used later around the new pool complex. For the time being it will keep watch over the construction area. If you stand at the top of the steps that go down to the current bag room/pro shop, you’ll see the workers have been really busy the past couple weeks. In addition to the dirt pile, you’ll notice that most of the trees in the pool area and around the parking lot will not be removed (there are two trees next to the driveway that will be taken down).

In an effort to accelerate the arrival of the new pool, club management made the decision to not wait for the spring thaw to begin the excavation project. The interior of the new pool building that will house changing rooms and the pool bar has taken shape, with sheetrock defining each of the new rooms.

The building just off the practice tees will house the carts and golf bags. The structure is up and ready for the concrete floor to be poured. Storing clubs away from the main building will be one of the biggest adjustments for members in the new layout of the grounds. The progress in the pool area and with the two buildings is really amazing over the past few weeks.

The other area up front that will impact members the most is the parking lot. The club will get a much-needed new parking lot this spring. As the snow disappears, the first phase will include the driveway and turnaround, followed by the main parking lot. Since the plan includes expansion of the parking lot into the tennis complex (one court will be removed and the tennis building will be replaced to the South of the courts), DCC will have 10 additional spaces over the old configuration that included the upper and lower lots. When the main parking lot is re-done, the layout will be changed to allow for more spaces. The upper lot held about 40 cars, so the new lot will exceed the old layout by 50 cars.

The improvement of the parking lot and surface will be great. The walk from the lot will be a little further than from the other lot, but no different than the walk at many other clubs in the area. Handicapped parking will be closest to the clubhouse near the circle. During construction of the lot this spring, we’ll be asked to park in different areas while the new surface is installed. The interruption is not expected to be significant and should not impact weekends at the club.

Throughout the construction, the stairway between the pool and clubhouse will be closed, so access to the club will be through the main entrance or down the cart path adjacent to the 18th hole.

There are a lot of improvements taking place around the club to repair some things that have outlived their useful life (the parking lot) and expand the club’s offerings (the new pool/lazy river). It’s an exciting time to be a member of Dellwood Country Club. I encourage you to share your reactions and ideas with members of the Advisory Board or club management.