Clubhouse Updates

Construction continues to proceed on schedule for reopening the main level April 1st and the lower level May 1st. I am confident that the remodeled Clubhouse will be a very pleasant surprise from the moment you see the exterior to exploring the new bar and fitness center.

If you did not see the last “In-The-Know” article, then I encourage you to check it out in the ‘Member Area’ of our website. It gives all of the details on our new Executive Chef Peter Christenson.

In addition to our Executive Chef I am also pleased, and a little sad, to announce that we have a new person running our tennis programs. Look for Peg Kelly’s article later on in the newsletter. So what happened with Justen? Given the level of member participation in tennis (very low), it no longer made sense to employ a Tennis Pro. We offered Justen the opportunity to work as an independent contractor rather than an employee of the Club (retaining all fees for tennis programs). This did not work for Justen and he declined. Justen has done a great job over the past years and I am sure we all wish him well. Peg has agreed to work as an independent contractor and is very excited to work with all of our members.

Lastly, we have decided to increase dues for all golf members, effective April 1st. Dues will increase 5% in accordance with the purchase agreement to sell the Club. That puts our family golf dues at $514/per month. Given the $9 million investment in the Club and all of our new amenities, we are the best value available. In comparison, North Oaks dues are $623/per month and the White Bear Yacht Club is $725/per month and neither Club has all the amenities that Dellwood has.

By the time the next newsletter comes out, the Clubhouse will be partially reopened. Spring is close and the most exciting year in the history of our Club is about to kick off. 2015 will be a great year for DCC members!

— Dennis Countryman