Club President – Mike Lehman


Whether you’re embracing another Minnesota winter or you’ve headed south for warmer temperatures there’s a buzz around and about Dellwood CC this winter. As I have the chance to visit with members and non-members alike the topic of  conversation frequently turns to our club and the many “improvements” taking place. I’m quick to share with them that “improvements” is an understatement and that along with a major facelift to our course and facilities the added value at Dellwood is our group of members. I’ve had the privilege of serving on our Advisory Committee for the past 2 years and it is truly an honor to represent our club as President this year. My wife Jan and I along with our daughter Hallie and son Luke joined the club 13 years ago this winter. In our time at DCC there has never been so much anticipation and excitement around the spring opening of our club. Allow me to state some of the obvious reasons; new pro shop, new formal & patio dining, new bar/lounge, new fitness center, remodeled grill and locker rooms. All this to compliment our beautiful pool complex and our championship golf course!

We’ve had great leadership at our club through the years and I know you join me in thanking our immediate past president Walter Jungbauer for his service. The Jungbauer’ s have been members for over 24 years and during that time Walter has taken on many roles. As members we’ve been very fortunate to have him serving as President this past year. Not only has he done a tremendous job leading our Advisory Committee but also in voicing your opinions, concerns & ideas.

Next I’d like to acknowledge and thank the fine group of individuals representing you on the Advisory Committee:

President Elect – Jim Sandidge
Dori Martinez
Ted Burchell
Bill Putney
Kurt Struss
Don Odegard
Our newest Committee members –
Connie Bossard and Frank Pazlar
And Sue Ryan representing the WGG

I know you’ve heard this many times but I believe it bears repeating. The Advisory Committee is here to lend a voice to your opinions, concerns & ideas. Here’s an example of how your voice is heard: After each meeting Dennis sends a summary recap addressing each of the ideas presented. Oftentimes new ideas are implemented immediately while others are pended for future implementation. In other words your voice matters to Tim, Dennis and each committee member. Please seek us out with your concerns & ideas and please be brutally honest!

 We have a great group of members both tenured and new. As I mentioned above I’m convinced that our membership group is and always has been Dellwood’s added value. Moving forward I would   encourage each of us to focus on the following three things to make our club even better:

– Welcome new members into your circle of friends every chance you get.

– Bring in new members, family, friends & neighbors.

– Take advantage of all of the services and amenities the club has to offer.

Finally one last reference to my friend Walter. In one of his monthly letters last year he wrote about a fellow member telling him that being President of Dellwood is like being the Queen of England. Well, the Queen is dead, long live the King! At least for another 11 months.

Happy Valentine’s Day.