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I may have jinxed us last year by saying that opening our golf course in March is becoming commonplace (Dellwood Dialogue April, 2017) after two straight years of opening in March. Sorry! The good news is that we have a great calendar of events this summer and I encourage all golf members to get on ForeTees to sign up now and get the dates on your calendars. Women’s and Men’s match play is available for sign up now as well.

Many of you have heard that our owner is opening a new restaurant in downtown White Bear Lake in the near future (probably early 2019) called the Brickhouse. We are really excited about it and there will be cool opportunities for Dellwood members once it opens. The restaurant will also provide great opportunities for our employees which will help us retain them and attract the best new employees in the area for both Dellwood CC and The Brickhouse.

I am happy to announce that we plan to promote Dan Brown to manager of the Brickhouse when it opens next year. This is a very well deserved opportunity for Dan. David Macias and I have also made another management change: Tom Hackworthy has been promoted to Director of Food and Beverage. David and Tom will share the responsibilities for our food and beverage operations for several years to come! This promotion is in recognition of the great job Tom has done and gives him an opportunity to continue his career growth and development. And don’t worry – David isn’t going anywhere (although he has been hinting at retiring in 5 to 7 years – I’m not sure we will allow that! J).

The 2018 member roster and policy handbook will be out soon. Listed below are the changes of note:

  • The fee for “renting” a pool cabana is $100 food AND beverage minimum.
  • Guests who play golf can also use the pool facility without paying an additional guest fee.
  • If a member has a past due balance over 60 days they will be required to auto-pay on the 15th of each month.
  • Golf Guest Fees are $95 for 18 holes and $50 for 9 holes. Family rates remain unchanged. The Guest Pass book of ten is now $855.00 (buy nine get the tenth free).
  • The number of guest allowed from noon to 2pm on Wednesdays and Fridays is one per foursome. Up to three guests will be allowed if there are open tee times within 24 hours.

Our Membership Drive continues through June. Any member can get $100 off their monthly dues for up to three years by referring a new Golf member who joins! If two of your referrals join you get $200 off your monthly dues. You can refer a new member simply by providing their name and email address and we will take care of contacting them.

See you at the Club!

-Dennis Countryman