Camp Dellwood



Dellwood CC Staff will provide a fun and interactive environment designed to entertain the kids while the parents enjoy a well-deserved break in the action! Use that time however you’d like, but we recommend joining us in the restaurant for a Cozy Cantina date night or jump into the Vault to work on your golf game!
Cost is $40 per child, per session. Includes dinner, activities, and homework guidance from Mrs Amy and Ms Anna. Ages 4 & Up (Potty Trained please!)
We will maintain a maximum of 7:1 child to instructor ratio, with Camp taking place in the Fireside Room at Dellwood Country Club.



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Cost is $40 per child, per session. Camp Dellwood drop off times are between 4:30-5:00, pick-up times between 6:00-6:30.
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